Individual Portfolio Management

“We manage your savings according to the goals and strategies that we have determined together”

As Azimut Asset Management, we create investment strategies that are suitable for appropriateness tests and market conditions, in line with the investor's target, risk tolerance and restrictions, within the framework of the portfolio management contract signed with the client. We offer Individual Portfolio Management Service to investors who have a certain amount of savings and want to evaluate it in the medium-long term, but do not have time to follow the markets and interpret the developments. Within the scope of this service, we work with the banks and intermediary institutions specified in the table below while managing your portfolio.

Determining investor risk preference is the most important step in the Individual Portfolio management process. A benchmark is created based on the determined risk preference. This criterion is the main criterion to be used in determining portfolio performance. The purpose of the Individual Portfolio Management service will be to provide the investor with a return performance above the benchmark return. Your savings will be managed by expert fund managers according to the developments in both domestic and international markets. Our portfolio managers will manage your savings in line with both top down macro strategic research and bottom up company basic/technical research and in line with their own foresight.

Now you can focus on your own business and social life without having to follow the markets instantly, because your portfolio will be evaluated periodically to analyze whether there has been a change in investment strategy, risk preference or benchmark. Performance evaluations will be made as of the periods specified in your portfolio management contract.

Weekly, monthly and periodical reports containing all the details of Portfolio Management accounts will be shared with our investors. At the same time, you can get all information from your Portfolio Sales Manager responsible for your account in our Sales/Marketing department.

Intermediary Institutions and Banks Working within the Scope of Retail Portfolio Management Service

Intermediary Institutions

QNB Finans Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş., İş Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş., AK Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş., Yatırım Finansman Menkul Değerler A.Ş., Turkish Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş.


Odeabank A.Ş., Akbank T.A.Ş., Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası A.Ş., Burgan Bank A.Ş., T. İş Bankası A.Ş., T. Garanti Bankası A.Ş., T. Halk Bankası A.Ş., Fibabank A.Ş., QNB Finansbank A.Ş., Denizbank A.Ş., Ziraat Bankası A.Ş., Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O., Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş., Alternatifbank A.Ş.